InterDealer is a technology solutions provider

InterDealer is a technology company serving as a neutral provider of trading systems, connectivity, and hosting services.

We drive down trading costs by simplifying the mechanics of aggregation, internalization, and distribution of liquidity.

Our systems provide:

  • An aggregated view of multiple markets
  • Simplified connectivity via FIX
  • Low cost connectivity using our high speed and secure network and trading infrastructure
  • Integrated calculation of spread, yield-to-worst, and price
  • Price Discovery
  • Capital Efficiency
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Price Distribution

Over 2,500,000 corporate bond trades and more than $5 trillion in credit default swaps have been executed on InterDealer trading platforms since 2005.


General Information:,  +1 646-530-8637


Support:, +1 646-530-8344