InterDealer provides a comprehensive, low-cost solution for connecting to fixed income market participants.

  • Direct Dealer Connections
  • Access multiple counterparties, multiple markets through a single connection
  • Logical and intuitive workflows
  • Automated FIX Integration Testing
  • TCP/IP connectivity via InterDealer’s existing connections
  • Comprehensive knowledgebase
  • Skilled support engineers
  • Electronic monitoring
  • Throttling / time-slicing


Alternative Trading Systems



  • 8 out of the top 10 Dealers
  • 18 out of the top 25 corporate bond fixed-income dealers


Bloomberg Integration


InterDealer is a Bloomberg Certified Partner.

The InterDealer platform integrates with a broad array of Bloomberg systems including:

  • TSOX
  • ALLQ
  • MPF
  • AEP
  • TNP
  • AIM
  • FIT
  • TOMS
  • eTOMS


Order Management Systems